A politician’s lot is oft a snappy one…(apologies to G&S)

A politician’s lot is oft a snappy one…(apologies to G&S)

People regularly say politicians are two faced.

For a photographer, that is often a good thing. In fact, the more faces a politician can summon up, the merrier.

Watch the news on the telly, and see the flashes go off when there is any slight animation from a normally po-faced public figure. It’s what the pressman waits for – waving arms, pointing fingers, manic eyebrows…

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan visited a couple of schools in Stourbridge, and apart from the meet and greets, the wide scene setting pic and informal chats with pupils pix, it’s always necessary to get a nice, tight headshot.

A head and shoulders pic can be cropped in a multitude of ways, it can have a headline laid over it, it can be incorporated in another picture. Invaluable. So it’s always one to get. And Nicky Morgan is a performer. Her face is what you might call, animated.

It can be a struggle to get close enough to some people, but once I was through the retinue of school photographers, parliamentary chaperones and interested parties, all was well. With a range of expressions that a stand up comic would be proud of, she was off. And so was I.

All pictures were taken on a digital Nikon with a 105mm lens using natural light.

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