The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects

kingfisher960I know I’ve mentioned in the past the notion of going with the first idea that comes to mind.

It could be that I’m very lazy. It could be that I just have brilliant ideas that simply have to be acted upon. It could be somewhere between the two. Then left a bit. Then left a bit more. Just right of lazy should do it.

A photocall at Kingfisher School in Redditch, Worcestershire for a Christmas production was the occasion.

‘A Christmas Carol’ – with a difference.

I walked into the dress rehearsal (yes, the kids are in costume, the teacher said) and didn’t recognize a single character. Just wing it, go with the flow, it’s hardly as if I’m in control was my thinking.

The teacher was calling out pupils who were going to be in the picture, and said pupils dutifully stepped forward and stood in a line against the wall.

Normally at this point my instinct would be to step in, re-arrange the bodies into some more meaningful composition, and go from there.

But I could scarcely believe the gift that the teacher was presenting to me. It was the stuff of nightmares, and I said thank you. There was even a sort of height measure in the blue horizon on the wall.

Very Unusual Suspects…indeed.

All I did was juggle the pupils around into some sort of height order, place the chap on the end and ask him to look down the line.

As I was taking the pictures the teacher commented “Oh that’s really cool.”

Naturally, I took all the credit. Well, it was my idea.

Sort of.


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